Clean | A revolution in nail colour remover

Clean | A revolution in nail colour remover

As every Nailberry devotee knows, nail health and innovation has been at the heart of our brand from the very beginning. We commit to bringing you a healthier manicure with formulas that respect your nail physiology… and our newest launch wholeheartedly embodies these values.

Proudly introducing Clean – our bi-phase nail colour remover and an acetone-free game-changer. Months in the making, this addition to our Apothecary range has been long awaited. In fact, it’s quite possibly the most in-demand nail routine accessory that you have requested - and continue to frequently request - from us!


“Freshly painted tips and toes are a pure joy, and knowing your bare nails below are strong and beautifully conditioned is the icing on the cake. So why undo all your efforts with a harsh polish remover? We worked tirelessly to get Clean right for you, so it swiftly removes all traces of colour while infusing nails with moisture and nutrients.”
Sonia Hully, Nailberry founder

Clean, without compromise

As with all our nail polishes and treatments, Clean is vegan friendly and paraben free. In committing to making it acetone-free, we set about testing, refining and re-testing a balance of solvents that would gently yet quickly and effectively remove nail colour without drying out or irritating natural nails and cuticles. We finally arrived at what we believe to be the perfect balance.


The beauty of bi-phase

Clean works in two phases. While removing polish, a blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) gets to work rejuvenating and hardening nails. Next, a fatty acid-rich oil extracted from the Muscat Rose Tree infuses the nail bed and surrounding skin with nourishment. Goodbye dry, stripped and irritated nails and cuticles, hello comfort and hydration!


Actively enhanced

Alongside AHAs and Muscat Rose Tree Oil, Clean is also enriched with leading natural humectant, Glycerin, to help reinstate moisture in nails and prevent breaking or cracking. What’s more, this gentle formula features the delicate rose fragrance that Nailberry fans have come to know and love about our nurturing Apothecary nail treatments.


How to use Clean

For best results, we recommend you first shake Clean before use. Soak a cotton pad in this delicately rose-scented formula, then press firmly against your nail and sweep slowly from nail bed to tip. Wash and dry your hands, then apply your chosen new nail colour.

We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Find out more about Clean Bi-Phase Nail Colour Remover and purchase it here.