Enhance your every style | Polish pairings for darker skin

Enhance your every style | Polish pairings for darker skin

Through seasons, styles and moods, there will always be a Nailberry polish to suit the occasion. For those times, however, when you’re unsure which match to make, pair your nail colour with your skin tone for a style that’s sure to satisfy.

Here we concentrate on medium and dark skin tones. Whether you’re blessed with warm or cool undertones, we’ve hand-picked our top three polishes for each complexion to help inspire your choice. (For Nailberry polishes best suited to fair skins, read our partner blog here)

Medium, golden skin

  • Decadence
  • Worn daytime or evening, our opaque orange, Decadence, will never disappoint. Vibrant, bold and warm, its beautiful tones work wonderfully on golden skin tones, bringing out your natural glow.

  • No Regrets
  • When the occasion calls for something a little richer, opt for a pigment-heavy hue like No Regrets. Our intense mulberry-red, with its hint of purple, adds luxury and glamour to more than just your tips and toes.

  • Bubble Gum
  • Juicy pinks and corals are particularly perfect for medium, golden skin tones, meaning you can confidently step away from regular nudes and reach for a sweeter everyday shade – like our bright rosy-coral, Bubble Gum

    Olive and Asian skin

  • Ring A Posie
  • Most enviably, olive and Asian skin tones successfully carry off just about every nail hue. The molten metal finish of our warm rose gold, Ring A Posie, looks especially sublime though – bright and bold, yet not at all ostentatious.

  • Almond
  • Subtle and sophisticated, the creamy opaque finish and delicate off-white-beige tones of Almond beautifully compliment olive and Asian skin tones with either warm or neutral undertones. 

  • Honesty
  • In search of an indispensable nude polish that works with everything? Look no further than Honesty. Its sumptuously creamy and dark caramel-beige colours not only beautifully complement olive tones but are also truly timeless.

    1. Serenity

    The olive or neutral undertones we associate most with medium skin tones make it easy to pair with any grey shade. Our personal favourite? The subtle smoke and cool tones of our chic lavender-grey, Serenity


    Dark skin tones

  • Au Naturel
  • Darker skin tones look striking when contrasted with a light polish… and our semi-sheer beige with its hint of pink, Au Naturel will prove especially effectively. Clean and elegant, its fresh, high-shine finish is guaranteed to beautifully flatter your style.

  • Glamazon
  • Bold, bright jewel tones also look sublime against dark complexions… and perhaps none more so than our bewitching green-blue, Glamazon. Worn day or night, this tropical, shimmering shade bestows the most enchanting finish to your style.

  • Strawberry Jam
  • Red polish rarely looks anything short of stunning on darker skin. For optimal effect, choose the smooth, vibrant and deep red-pink hues of Strawberry Jam. Work or play, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

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