Most-asked nail questions, answered

Most-asked nail questions, answered

From what treatments target ridges, splitting or weakness best to tackling dry cuticles, post-acrylic damage and mastering the perfect DIY manicure, we answer the top nine nail questions asked by you over our social, web chat and customer services channels.


1. How do I recover my nails after acrylics or gels?

For nails that feel thin or brittle after acrylic or gel nail removal, again we recommend you keep your nails short while following a nail-strengthening treatment plan. We recommend you then follow a treatment plan using either Acai Nail Elixir or The Cure - see the next Q&A for which nail treatment will best suit your concerns. Ensure you stick with treatment - it may take a few weeks, but perseverance is key to damage repair. 

As with our nail colours, all our base coat treatments are oxygenated, moisture permeable and 12-free - the ultimate nail-loving formulas. They are free from concerning chemicals such as Phthalates (including DBP), Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor. They are also proven to allow oxygen and water vapour flow through the base coat layers, ensuring nails can behave and grow as they would naturally during treatment; helping restore strong, healthy nails.


2. What’s the difference between your nail treatments?

For very weak, fragile or damaged nails, we recommend The Cure nail hardener - our most intensive targeted nail treatment. Its award-winning formula is designed to reduce brittleness, restoring visibly harder, better conditioned nails.

Acai Nail Elixir is great for dry nails prone to breakage, flaking or ridges. This 5-in-1, cross-functional treatment helps hydrate and strengthen while also providing a sheer, nude-toned base coat that conceals the appearance of ridges. 

If nails are starting to appear weak or you’re looking to stay on top of healthy nail maintenance and breakage prevention, then Strengthen & Breathe base coat and nail strengthener is for you. It also has a subtle, off-white tint to it which makes it a great option worn alone.


3. How do I stop my nails from splitting?

If nails are very damaged or splitting, it’s important to keep them at a short, manageable length. This only needs to be temporary but will speed up recovery time. 

Cut, rather than file, nails short, ensure edges are gently filed so they don’t catch, then follow a nail treatment plan using The Cure: Apply a layer every 2-3 days. After one week, remove with Clean acetone-free polish remover and repeat the process until nail condition returns. 

Finally, massage Little Treasure nourishing cuticle oil into cuticles and nail bed each evening. Keeping cuticles moisturised is one of the best things you can do to maintain healthy nails.


4. How do I treat or cover nail ridges?

Acai Nail Elixir is a fantastic primer, as well as being a brilliant base coat and treatment. The light minerals and subtle colour pigments in this award-winning formula help fill ridges and conceal imperfections. Once dry, layer on your chosen nail colour for a smoother, more even finish.

If you’re concerned about ridges, speak to a medical professional. Ridges may simply be the result of a knock or bang, but can also indicate a deficiency or hormonal / medication change. 


5. What can I do about dry cuticles?

Applying Little Treasure nourishing cuticle oil each evening will really transform nail condition as well as cuticle softness and comfort. It harnesses deeply moisturising Sweet Almond and Castor Seed Oils as well as antioxidant Vitamin E - actives known for targeting dryness, flaking or cracking fast to restore noticeably healthier condition. 

Remember, consistency is key - especially at the start of treatment. You may also find it speeds up results to keep a bottle in your bag or on your desk so you can reapply during the day.


6. How can I stop nail discolouration?

While we always recommend using a base coat under nail colour, for best results, it’s even more imperative if you are wearing deep or dark pigmented colours. While any staining is temporary, it can be prevented with a good base coat. 


7. How can I boost nail growth?

Optimising strong, healthy growth usually requires a two-pronged approach. From the outside, regular use of a nail treatment that’s fortified with Amino Acids - such as Acai Nail Elixir - will help improve nail condition and stimulate growth. From the inside, ensure you’re eating a healthy, varied diet rich in protein, omega fatty acids, iron, zinc and vitamin B7. Lentils, flaxseed, chia seeds, green vegetables, whole grains and avocado are all good sources.


8. What does 12-free mean and how will this benefit my nails?

12-free means that we consciously exclude the following ingredients from our formulas: camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, xylene, dibutyl phthalate, ethyl tosylamide, triphenyl phosphate, alcohol, parabens, animal derivatives and gluten. 

Some are banned by law, others still feature in regular polish. We exclude them though due to nail health and wellbeing concerns as well as a wish to have an inclusive, premium polish range.


9. What does oxygenated and moisture-permeable mean and how will this benefit my nails?

The advanced oxygen technology we harness creates a non-occlusive film that allows more oxygen and moisture vapour to pass through, better respecting the natural physiology of the nail and allowing it to behave and grow as it would naturally. 

The extent of oxygen permeability is scientifically measured in a diffusion chamber over 24 hours with our unique L’Oxygéné formula showing 38% higher oxygen permeability than regular nail polish. L’Oxygéné’s moisture, or water, permeability is also scientifically measured against other regular nail polish brands. Of those tested, our formula’s water vapour permeability was observed to be the highest.