The story behind Gifts of Prosperity

The story behind Gifts of Prosperity
As the stardust settled on New Year festivities back in January, none of us imaged the events about to unfold. A declaration of emergency, one no corner of our globe could escape; a fundamental lifestyle shift, a need to reprioritise, a call to come together. Through the darkness of pandemic, our founder, Sonia, witnessed, as we all did, the emergence of a remarkable spirit, expressions of human kindness and sentiments that united communities, cultures and countries.

It was at this time that work had commenced on our autumn-winter 2020 nail collection. As with prior limited-edition launches, Sonia turned to recent life experiences… and here laid her inspiration.

“It was impossible to ignore what was going on around me. Not just the lives we suddenly had to lead, but the incredible feats of kindness that emerged soon after, the realisation of which human qualities really were of the highest value and the steadfast spirit that crossed borders and oceans.”
Sonia Hully, Nailberry founder

Health, happiness and a hope for all
Sonia felt compelled to create a collection that embodied these observations and set to right away crafting concepts for new shades and names that best captured these most exceptional circumstances. Once at a shortlist, she reached out to her core Nailberry team; men and women residing in different European countries, yet each undergoing their own lockdown.

“We shared views on the human behaviours and outcomes we admired most at this time, thoughts on the emerging ‘new normal’ and hopes of a brighter future for all… and the Gifts of Prosperity collection was born.”
Sonia Hully, Nailberry founder

Four feel-good hues

Grateful. “Feeling or showing an appreciation for something done or received.” Chosen for our modern mulberry, in recognition of the gracefulness and warmth this tone proffers.

Harmony. “The state of being in agreement or concord.” Selected for our radiant russet polish, demonstrating our appreciation of how even the most spirited of shades can sit sublimely and supportively with our autumn style.

Kindness. “The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.” Singled out for our buoyant semi-sheer blush to channel the most highly sought-after human quality and this mid-pink polish’s ability to delight every wearer.

Peace. “Freedom from disturbance; tranquillity.” Elected for our deep smoky lilac in acknowledgement of the calm, confidence and composure this versatile shade embodies.

It goes without saying that our muse and motivation for this autumn-winter 2020 collection has been like no other seasonal launch before it… we hope, however, that you love it as much as we do.

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