Discover our Moon Collection Story

Discover our Moon Collection Story
Meet our Moon Collection. Three bold, mesmerising, metallic nail colours to wear morning and night. Vibrant, energising polishes perfect for this season of thanksgiving, that rouse our spirits, dazzle under daytime sun or party lights, and stir us to shift our day and evening style up a gear.

“This time of year exudes a magic of its very own. It’s a season of special occasions, of light, lunar and lantern festivals across the globe. I created our Moon Collection to express this mood in wearable form. Illuminating chrome colours evolved through new, energising tones; instantly putting you and your style into a celebratory state of mind.”
Sonia Hully, Nailberry founder

For autumn-winter style that shines

Blue Moon
Inky tones never fail to make an impact and the rich, shimmering royal blue of our earthshine-inspired Blue Moon really delivers. It’s cool and captivating, a beautiful contrast to the warmer tones we often wear in autumn, adding dimension to your nails both day and night.

To The Moon & Back
Red is a long-loved colour, a go-to guarantee of well-dressed nails. To The Moon & Back is our timely twist on this fiery classic. A spiced russet red infused with luxurious lustre. It’s striking without overwhelming, oozes vintage glamour and will be in serious demand come the festive season.

Every season needs a neutral nail, but Stargazer brings you so much more. Its soft iridescence shifts between gold and rose, making a subtle and sophisticated statement of its own. It’s versatile, flattering and a dream to wear. Trust us, you’ll love it this season and beyond.

With these three new, enchanting shades and a whole host of exciting occasions ahead of us, we couldn’t feel more ready to embrace all the season holds for us. Which one, or more, will become your new autumn-winter must-have?

Once your new Moon Collection colour arrives, remember to lock-in its vibrancy, shine and longevity by pairing with our breathable base and top coats. Begin with a sweep of Strengthen & Breathe Base Coat & Nail Strengthener, apply two thin coats of colour, then flawlessly finish off your at-home mani in true pro-standard style with a layer of our sunshine-curing, gel-effect top coat, UV Gloss.

Explore each of our latest limited-editions and purchase them here.